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BeltWitch® Waterblade

BeltWitch® Waterblade offers a 100% Cleaning solution. The magically clean Conveyor Belt can be achieved by a sharp waterblade. Also worn out conveyor will be clean as the waterblade perfectly follows the contours of the belt surface. This cleaning solution consist of two parts:

  • Cleaning Unit
  • Pump Unit

BeltWitch® Waterblade

  • High Pressure Waterblade with up to 150 bar water pressure
  • Waterblade adapts to every belt structure, also worn out belts will be perfectly clean
  • Fully redcuces any dust emission on of the return strand
  • Less wear over the full conveyor lenght
  • Certified approach, that the high pressure waterblade is not harming the belt rubber structure
  • Much less water consumption than other low pressure „wash boxes“
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High pressure conveyor belt cleaning offers a 100% clean conveyor belt solution*

Magically clean belt conveyor

Technical Specifications

  • Robust mining application in stain-less steel
  • Fully ABB or Siemens PLC control-led to be integrated in the local PLC infrastructure
  • Fully automatic 50 micron water filter included
  • Selfmonitored, to directly detect autages
  • Redundant application and airblade application possible
Realtime Monitoring

Automated Cleaning Process

Advantages of BeltWitch®:

Our autonomous control system guarantees process reliability
  • Less wear on major mechnical parts of the belt conveyor
  • No dust emissions over the full conveyor lenght
  • Less cleaning and maintenance costs over the full conveyor lenght
  • Robust mine application with self monitoring autonomous system
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